Genies minting is live on to Ethereum!
Get your genies!

🧞‍♂️ Minting instructions 🧞‍♂️
- Use Firefox, Chrome, or Brave as your browser
- Install MetaMask and make sure it is has ETH
- Sign into MetaMask within your browser
- Enter the number of genies you would like to mint (max 3 per address in presale)

This is presale. Only people from whitelist can join.

Price per Genie: 0.05Ξ

Total price: 0.05Ξ

Your Genies: 0


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About Crypto Genies

In the middle of the 20th century, a radical molecular biologist called Professor Ligroi thought he had discovered the formula for immortality. But, he still needed two things, the money to run the immortality trials and willing people to run the trials on. A shadowy society of the super rich caught wind of his breakthrough and gave him what he needed; all his funding and 10,000 test subjects.

He moved his equipment to Egypt, where he built a vast underground laboratory deep in an ancient mine. On the 12th of September 1951, he gathered together all his test subjects. In small doses, his formula may have even worked, but we will never know. As soon as the trial was ready to begin, the huge vat containing the immortality formula cracked, spilling the liquid all over the floor and filling the old mine. Instead of making the people it came into contact with immortal, it went one step further, it made them supernatural. The formula disintegrated their physical forms until they were vapor-like figures, figures of smoke. Until they were genies.

As soon as they heard of the disaster, the secret society sent men to blow up the laboratory and seal everyone and everything inside it. They wanted to destroy the genies and all evidence of them. They were successful... or so they had thought for years.

Now, there have been reported sightings of genies in cities all over the globe. Can the genies evade the secret society responsible for their creation or will the society find them once more, and if they do, will the genies fight back?



Each genie consists of a unique combination of a hat, face, body, clothes, gem, and background. Each reflecting the genies unique personality.

After reveal you will be able to find more information regarding rarities on rarity sniper &

Crypto Genies


Minting will begin on October 1st @ 6pm UTC (Click here to see your timezone).

There's 10,000 Crypto Genies available to mint at launch, with 50 reserved for team members and other community activities [promotions, airdrops, etc]. On the website you can always check current state of how many genies are there to mint.

Crypto Genies are available to mint for 0.05Ξ + Gas.

All genies will be revealed Wednesday, October 6th

There is a limit of 20 Crypto Genies per transaction.

The artwork was created by our talented artist @radoi.florin.designer. The collection of over 110 attributes were then algorithmically generated. Some are rare, and some are very rare.

Yes, we will take a fee of 3% with 50% of all secondary market fees going into a community wallet which will be used to fund charitable donations, giveaways to the community & much more!

MetaMask is a very simple app to use, please go directly to metamask and follow their guide!


Crypto Genie Public Launch

25% Sold Out2.5Ξ Giveaway [Each Genie minted is an entry]

50% Sold Out10x Crypto Genie Giveaway [Each Genie minted is an entry]

75% Sold Out5Ξ Giveaway [Each Genie minted is an entry]

100% Sold Out10Ξ Donation to a Community Voted Charity & Exclusive Crypto Genie Merch Giveaway

Crypto Genies listed on Rarity Sniper & Rarity Tools[Will be available after reveal]

An interactive viewing gallery of all minted crypto genies on our website[~October 2021]

Our team

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HowefaiProject Manager, Discord Manager
TLMarketing, Social Media
IShotTheSheriffTech Development
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